LTS 5 Layer Zip Chest Waders

Built with the finest quality German engineered Tizip waterproof zip on the market, these waders are incredibly well cut and comfortable. Zip down to cool yourself on long walks, or quickly answer the call of nature without needing to take off your jacket or other top layers, particularly useful in wet or cold conditions. These are super tough waders for the most demanding fishers. 5 layers from the waist down protect from rough stones and other bank side dangers. From the waist up three highly breathable layers to ensure comfort and flexibility. A carefully designed wide backed wading belt includes accessory loops and provides additional back support as well as spreading the weight of wading staffs and pliers. Two well designed chest pockets with integrated retractors complete these formidable waders. Available In anatomically designed boots.

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LTS 5 Layer Zip Chest Waders